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There are many origin stories to the name Windhoek. Others speculate that it is derived from the Afrikaans word wind-hoek (wind-corner). Others say that Captain Jonker Afrikaner named the city after the Winterhoek Mountains in South Africa, where his ancestors had lived.

In 1840 Jonker Afrikaner established an Orlam settlement in Windhoek. He and his followers stayed by the nearby hotsprings. While there, he had built a stone church which was simultaneously used as  school. By that time 2 Rhenish missionaries had stayed in Windhoek to work until late 1842 when they were driven out by Methodist Wesleyans, Richard Haddy and Joseph Tindall.  For a time Windhoek was a prosperous area. However, the wars between the Nama and Herero people eventually caused ruin to the area. Until 1885 people who visited the area were met with almost nothing.

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